RYPL.IO™: The Weapon of Mass Conversion

Generate Hundreds Of Additional Leads
From your Existing Channels

Without Increasing Your Current Budget!

increase qualified leads

Amplify Every Channel!

Turn each of your current traffic driver channels into a high-volume expressway of leads, directly to you!

Whether you generate traffic through Facebook ads, Google ads, email subscriber lists, text lists, social posts, influencers, heck, even if you still use the Yellow Pages – now you can amplify any and every marketing channel already in your marketing strategy to turn each lead you generate into a plethora of additional qualified leads, all with the same marketing dollar – using a tactic we call Channel Amplification.  The RYPL.IO™ Channel Amplification Platform empowers you with a virtually unlimited opportunity to exponentially increase your reach and convert hundreds of amplified, qualified leads that you would have otherwise missed – into paying customers!

Why Create A RYPL?

The value derived from cross-platform, measured amplification is massive!

RYPL.IO™ doesn’t replace or displace your current lead generation tactics.  Instead, it augments them with channel amplification, exponentially increasing the value of your overall lead-gen strategy.  What sets the RYPL.IO™ platform apart is its unique ability to leverage every one of your lead generation resources – without having to increase your ad spend – to generate additional qualified leads – driving down your cost of acquisition while growing your audience and increasing your revenues.

RYPL.IO™ is an invisible, ‘middleware’ amplification technology that is seamless to the user, working in the background to boost your campaign’s existing channels, turning each one into an organic influencer channel that refers qualified traffic to your business, both directly and indirectly.

Applications That Will Benefit From Amplification

Leverage the Power of the RYPL!

The 4 A's of RYPL.IO™


The most valuable asset a B2C business has is its audience. 1st - you should own your audience. 2nd - you should leverage your existing audience to grow it.


Get your business in front of thousands of additional people just like your current customers - by leveraging their social relationship circles!


"I don't need anymore customers!", said nobody - ever! Acquiring new customers costs. RYPL.IO™ will drive that cost way down while filling the funnel with qualified traffic!


RYPL.IO™'s proprietary Amplification Tracking Code - or 'ATC' - is much like a UTM code used for search traffic analytics - but goes way beyond 'first degree' traffic.

Virtually any organization with an audience can amplify that audience through Channel AMP™. 

The use-case applications for building an audience are limitless.  Whatever you are currently doing to generate new leads – keep doing it!  Then amplify the results – in real time – with RYPL.IO™.  Whether sports & entertainment, a Shopify website or a corporate fundraising organization, each qualified lead you get through your current efforts has hundreds of likeminded friends in their social communities that you can add to your audience using Channel AMP™.

your audiences are your best influencers!

each campaign Will Provide in-depth, actionable Multi-platform insights and analytics that go way beyond any metrics currently available.

Turn every marketing channel into an influencer channel – then transform each new acquisition into an additional influencer.  Now you can measure which channels and influencers, both paid and organic, have the strongest engagement influence.  Know which social and messenger platforms your audiences engage the most, arming you with the most insightful growth-marketing metrics to build the most fruitful campaigns.  Augment your current analytics with insights into what works best in audience building through influence acquisitions.

get the strongest post-acquisition lead influence insights available anywhere!

Proliferous: Capable of reproducing

Capable of reproducing

RYPL.IO™ creates proliferous network pathways and measures the impact of multi-generational sharing to provide you with in-depth insights and analytics unavailable until now.

Identify your most influential:

Identify your most influential:

RYPL.IO™ is a technology designed to remove the limitations experienced by companies and brands; to exponentially grow your direct-to-consumer acquisition, engagement, conversion, monetization and amplification.

"RYPL.IO™ is to social what Google is to search!"

The RYPL.IO™ Amplification model is similar to that of an SEM model in that we use a cost-per-visit (CPV) schema that is similar to the cost-per-click (CPC) schema used in search.  Where SEM leverages keywords to present results that are intended to reach your qualified audience, RYPL.IO’s™ proprietary Amplification Engine leverages the warm relationships that your acquisitions have with likeminded people in their social circles.  With CPC, you pay for every click that is made on a link to your engagement.  With Amplification, you pay for traffic that goes to your engagement from a direct or indirect social referral.  With CPC advertising, each click represents a single potential acquisition – and that’s where it stops.  But with Amplification, we create a digital relay by leveraging both your paid media traffic and your existing owned media, incentivizing them to share your campaign with their social communities, thereby taking advantage of existing social relationships to influence referral engagement that creates a social ‘RYPL’ effect – kind of like that old Fabergé commercial where ‘they told 2 friends – and so on, and so on’.  Turn your existing media into a force multiplier by amplifying it – from one to many!

More Traffic – Same Budget
With Audience Amplification, it’s all about leveraging what you are already doing.  Amplification does not ‘replace’ or ‘displace’ your current acquisition strategies – it merely leverages them to get even more qualified traffic using the same budget.  You can amplify either paid media traffic, owned media or both.  You simply decide what portion of your existing budget to use for Amplification.

Like SEM requires figuring out the best keywords to generate the most traffic, Amplification requires figuring out the best call-to-action (CTA) incentives – those with the most meaning and value that will engage your target audience.

Influencers & Ambassadors

Know Your Actual Influence

Influencer Marketing is about so much more than just followers.  Brands need influence that leads to engagement – and RYPL.IO™ can show both you and the brands you work with how influential you really are in a campaign, with both direct and indirect attribution throughout multiple-network-generations!  Whether you’re an Influencer, a Brand Ambassador or an Affiliate, with RYPL.IO™ you can create greater viral traffic, earn more in commissions, monitor your true influence & engagement in realtime – and see what sharing platforms get you the best results!  This all allows you to create a level of value that sets you apart from others in your field.

"This Is The Growth Hack Model Dropbox™ Used to Build Their Massive Audience!"

Who Are You?

Digital Agency

Help your clients build their most valuable asset - their audience! Add value to your offerings by being the first-to-market with multi-generational organic traffic amplification!

Brand or Business

Reduce your budget by exponentially growing your audience and lowering your CPA - then leverage it to create a massive influence RYPL™ of organic referrals!


The size of your following no longer impresses brands. They want influencers with actual influence! Now you can demonstrate your true influence with RYPL™.


Your Audience Is Your Biggest Asset - Own It!

Why Pay Twice For The Same Customer?

First – you should own your audience.  An Owned Media Audience is the most valuable asset a B2C business can have.  Your audience is very simply made up of people who need what you are selling.  Getting the attention of those in your audience is paramount to communicating with them.  Advertising is the most common way of getting your message out to your target audience – and that requires money.  In order to keep from wasting your marketing dollars by having to continually pay to get to the same customers, you need to find creative ways to add them to your ‘owned audience’.

Second – you should leverage your existing audience to grow it even bigger!  Your existing audience is self-qualified by virtue of opting into becoming a part of your owned audience.  As such, many will become organic influencers, willing to be incentivized to share your message with likeminded but yet-to-be-acquired people within their social communities.

When you leverage your owned media audience to amplify it through organic influence, you will significantly reduce marketing spend and acquire a lot more qualified leads!





Exponentially increase your reach! Create a RYPL!

Morph Owned and Paid Media Leads & Customers Into More…

Turn up your voice so more people can hear it.  Creating a RYPL will drive the reach of your message further out, with virtually no limits.

Your existing Owned Media is a silent sales force waiting to be empowered.  Incentivize your current audiences to share your message with their likeminded friends and colleagues.  Each amplified lead you generate (Earned Media) will also be empowered to share with their communities, creating a lead-gen ‘rypl-effect’ that can multiply through many degrees of separation!

As for your Your Paid Media, there’s no need to wait!  You can immediately begin to leverage them to share with friends in their social communities.

Since birds of a feather still flock together, you can take advantage of a qualified audience that you have yet to acquire, through their relationship with those already connected to your brand or organization, whether acquired long ago – or just today.





get more customers - for less!

Amplification Is Exponential Lead Generation.

Lead generation – or acquisition – is fundamental to every business.  “I don’t need more customers!”, said no one – ever!  But acquiring new customers has a cost to it.  You pay for marketing and you acquire leads as a result.  Simple.  We’d like to make it even simpler – and more profitable!  We’d like to show you how to lower your cost of acquisition by giving you a tool that drives more lead-gen without increasing your lead-gen costs.

Leveraging your existing customers and recent acquisitions to organically influence likeminded friends within their social communities creates a never-ending funnel of leads that typically fall into the same profile that your customers fit into.  As long as you amplify correctly, you can grow your audience at a much lower CPA than having to pay for each new lead with traditional campaigns.  For example, let’s say you paid $1,000 for a campaign ad and acquired 10 new leads.  Your CPA would be $100 (1,000 / 10).  What if each of those leads were incentivized to share and bring in 10 additional leads each, through 5 degrees of separation?  Thats 100 additional leads from the same $1,000 spend.  Now your $1,000 got you 110 leads, so your CPA is now down to $0.91 (1,000 / 1,110).  That’s the power of acquisition through amplification.





Get Cross-Platform Network Sharing Metrics

Know The Influence of All Channels – Including Social & Messaging.

For the first time in digital marketing history, you can now measure the economic impact of social sharing!  When you incentivize your Owned and Paid Media to share using RYPL.IO, we digitally track the connection from each person sharing to the people who engage that share from their respective social circles, effectively creating an ancestral sharing genealogy.  You can discover who has the most influence both directly and indirectly, what social or messaging platforms are most productive in your market space, what percentage of your acquisitions came from amplification & how that reduced your CPA.  The insights derived from our analytics are plentiful and actionable.  Married with your other analytics, you will now be equipped with a full scope of insights that will empower you to much better decide where to invest your marketing budget, even as you continue to reduce your CPA!

You can add tracking codes to virtually every channel, including ads and influencers, to see what of those channels drove more value past the first degree of separation, with sharing, cross-platform.  An ad may not get a lot of traction with respect to initial acquisitions, but those initial acquisitions may drive significant traffic that would have otherwise been missed.  This is designed to change how you define the success of an ad.